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Manhole Opening / Point of Entry

What are ECS's procedures or rules for entering a manhole?
Tenants and contractors are required to apply for manhole opening numbers through ECS's AMOS system. ECS requires 72-hour notice prior to entering a manhole, however, in emergency situations, a tenant may apply for the manhole opening number up to 24 hours after the manhole is opened.

What is a Point of Entry?
As part of ECS's ongoing commitment to protect the conduit system and our tenants' facilities, the following procedures apply to the construction of Points of Entry (POEs) for Subsidiary Conduits into ECS Manholes.

How do I apply for a Point of Entry (POE)?
Tenants shall submit a POE application to ECS prior to performing any work associated with production of a POE. POE applications which contain errors or omissions will not be processed.

POE Applications must be mailed or faxed to ECSC.

Empire City Subway Co. (Ltd.)
310-14 Drake St
Bronx, NY 10474
Attn: POE Manager

Phone: (718) 861-4145
Fax: (718) 861-5088

What are ECS's requirements for performing a POE?
POE applications shall specify the exact location of ECS manhole by street name and nearest cross street name.

POE applications shall include a sketch of the proposed construction, showing the number and size of ducts to be built between the ECS manhole and conduit termination point.

The tenant may designate a contractor to act as an agent at field meetings, etc., by submitting written notification, which shall specify the contractor's name, address and business telephone number. The tenant shall be responsible for all acts or omissions of a contractor.

POE applications must specify the name of a contractor.

For more information, see Point of Entry Procedures.

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