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Request Occupancy & Construction

How soon after a conduit is occupied, do I need to submit an application?
Within 10 business days of occupying a conduit, the tenant must submit an Application for Conduit Space to the ECSC. Rental charges shall commence as of the earliest date each conduit section is occupied by a rope, innerduct or cable.

Does ECS allow tenants to reserve conduits for future growth?
Tenants are not permitted to "reserve" conduits for future use.

If ECS determines that the tenant does not have an immediate need for the conduits, ECS may require the tenant to surrender the conduits to other tenants with immediate needs for such space.

How do I request a Bonded Duct?
When a tenant cannot find a spare conduit in a desired route and believes that there are no reasonable alternative routes available, the tenant may request that ECS "reinforce" an existing section with additional conduits. All reinforcement requests must be made in writing. When ECS receives a reinforcement request, a "Ten-Point Checklist" will be administered.

Does ECS provide tenants with maps and subsidiary information upon request?
ECS maintains records about its underground infrastructure and its tenants' use of the system. Tenants may obtain copies of certain ECS records, such as "table" maps and Duct Utilization System (DUS) cards, in order to plan routes through the system. To the extent available, ECS can also provide digital copies of any records maintained in that format. Most record requests can be handled on an ad hoc basis, free of charge. However, ECS shall bill tenants for the costs of retrieval, reproduction and shipping of large requests for records.

Some ECS records may contain competitively sensitive information. ECS has a strict policy against disclosing its own confidential or proprietary information or that of its tenants. To safeguard such information, ECS may restrict access to certain records. When responding to tenant record requests, ECS will redact certain records (i.e., DUS cards) to eliminate information relating to other tenants.


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