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Rates & Billing

ECS's conduit rental rates are based on the size and length of the conduit occupied. Tenants are billed monthly for conduit rental. When conduits are first occupied, ECS will pro-rate the rental amount based on the number of days during the month the conduit was occupied. In the following month, these conduits will become part of the tenant's embedded monthly bill.

ECS's rates for mainline conduit rental are set forth in a rate schedule approved by the City of New York. ECS's rates have not changed since 1987, and are among the lowest in the Northeast. The following are ECS's approved rates for mainline conduit:

Conduit Size Monthly Rates Annual Rates
2.5 inch or narrower
$305/mile, $0.0578/ft.
$3,660/mile, $0.6909/ft.
3 inch
$351/mile, $0.0665/ft.
$4,212/mile, $0.7932/ft.
4 inch
$488/mile, $0.0924/ft.
$5,856/mile, $1.1045/ft.
Coil cases

These conduit rental rates do not cover costs associated with municipal interference, responding to out-of-hours emergencies, manhole quality inspections, POE field meetings or custom work. These costs will be billed to tenants on a time and material basis.

All bills with be administered in accordance with ECS's collection policy on accounts receivable.

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